Press Coverage

These links are to the newspaper web site where available. If they are not yet available, they link to a local scan.

Asbestos Outrage
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, June, 2010

Ghost Town
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, March, 2010

Gisela carries the fight to Parliament
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, December 5th, 2009

Moorpool conservation area update
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, December 5th, 2009

Environment Agency calls for flood defences to protect 900,000 properties
Guardian, November 10th 2009

UK looks to tropics for help reducing rain storm flood risk
Independent, October 14th 2009

MP planning blast 'misled the House'
Birmingham Post, October 29th, 2009.
And, for reference, Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

The Secret Garden Suburb
Charles Hippisley-Cox, University of Huddersfield

MP hits out over Moor Pool
Evening Mail, October 22nd, 2009.

Birmingham City Council 'failed to protect' historic Moorpool estate
Birmingham Post, October 22nd, 2009.

The Battle to Save Moor Pool
Birmingham Post, October 22nd, 2009.

Moorpool Residents Launch Legal Bid
The Stirrer, October 21st, 2009.

Clive Dutton's green vision for Birmingham
Birmingham Post, Sept 30th, 2009 - but for some strange reason makes no mention of bulldozing allotments for new housing

Green with anger over lack of intervention
Birmingham Post, Sept 10th 2009

Response to the Moor Pool decision (various)
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, August 13th, 2009.

Modern planning system to conserve and enhance the historic environment
Housing and Planning Minister John Healey today announced new guidelines for councils and developers to make the most of the nation’s historic assets like Victorian stations or our network of canal sides for imaginative new developments across the country, July 24th, 2009.

Reader's letter
Evening Mail, July 24th, 2009.

Moorpool or More Building?
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, July 17th, 2009.

Under Attack! Harborne's Moorpool Estate
Press Release from Gisela Stuart's Office

Letter to the Editor
from Rob Sutton, Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, July 17th, 2009.

Residents pledge to keep fighting plan
Birmingham Mail Extra, July 16th, 2009.

Residents pledge to keep fighting plan
Birmingham Mail Extra, July 16th, 2009.

Moor Pool Loses Conservation Battle
Conservation area? What conservation area? The Stirrer, July 10th, 2009

Disgust as houses given green light
by Neil Elkes, Evening Mail, July 10th, 2009.

Residents vow to fight on in Moor Pool Estate battle
by Neil Elkes, Birmingham Post, July 10th, 2009.

Watchdog u-turn over development
by Edward Chadwick, Evening Mail, July 3rd, 2009, and the editorial comment.

Heritage watchdog in U-turn to fight for estate
by Paul Dale, Birmingham Post (front page), July 3rd, 2009.

'Four miles from city centre and it's a different planet'
by Edward Chadwick, Birmingham Post, July 3rd, 2009.

Moor Pool application sends out important signal
by Paul Dale, Birmingham Post, July 3rd, 2009

Harborne homes plan protest gets support from English Heritage
by Paul Dale, Birmingham Post, July 3rd, 2009

New Homes Backing For Conservation Area
The Stirrer, July 3rd, 2009

Moorpool Battle Goes National
The Stirrer, June 30th, 2009

Preservation Order - article on conservation areas
by Helen Davies, Sunday Times, June 21st, 2009 (2.4mb)

Moorpool Decision Deferred
Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, June 17th, 2009

Allotment demand leads to 40-year waiting lists
Guardian, June 2nd 2009

Council are waving white flag in the planning battle
by Adrian Goldberg, The Stirrer, Evening Mail, May 21st, 2009

Historic Moorpool's Development Plans Halted
by Mary Overthrow, Edgbaston & Harborne Observer, May 17th, 2009

Homes plan put on hold
by Jane Tyler, Evening Mail Extra, April 30th, 2009

New homes plan stalled by residents
Evening Mail, April 27th, 2009

Decision delay until site visit by councillors
by Jane Tyler, Birmingham Post, April 27th, 2009

The battle goes on to prevent historic garden village being lost to the community
Letter to the Birmingham Post, April 22nd, 2009

Moorpool before the planners
by Jane Tyler, Evening Mail, April 21st, 2009

Planners to decide fate of controversial housing development
Birmingham Post, April 20th, 2009

The Victorain Society April 2009 Newsletter
Moorpool development is talked about on page 10

Stop the planning 'damage' to Moor Pool in Harborne
A letter from Anne Yorke to the Birmingham Post Apr 9th 2009

Protecting the city's historic environment...
the letter that prompted this

'Triffids' invasion is Knot welcome
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, June 11th 2008

We don't want any Moor homes
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, April 4th 2008

Developers forced to set up new allotments
Daily Telegraph, March 22nd 2008

Moorpool Planning Application
intouch, March 2008

Garden grab days are over
by Neil Elkes, Evening Mail, February 27th 2008

Families condemn suburb homes bid
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, February 15th 2008

Fears for future of Moorpool
by Rebekah Orliye, Edgbaston Harborne & Selly Oak News, January 31st 2008

Final version of new homes plan
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, January 23rd 2008

Timeline denial in homes row
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, December 5th 2007

100 years of life in a Brum jewel
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, November 1st 2007

Celebrating 100 years of estate
by Claire Morrall, Birmingham News, October 25th 2007

Objection to homes
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, October 11th 2007

'Hutches' architect is heckled
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, September 11th 2007

Anger at 'rabbit hutch' homes plan
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, September 3rd 2007

Chance to vent anger
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, August 30th 2007
Please note I said "consultation" not "compensation". Andrew

Steam workshop is under threat
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, August 21st 2007

'Pay Day' fears for estate allotments
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, August 13th 2007

City's 'green lung' fights for survival
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, May 21 2007

Our Say
Evening Mail, May 21 2007

Allotment holders ordered off plots
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, April 2007

Moor protection for garden suburb!
by Poppy Brady, Evening Mail, Jan 5 2007

Moorpool gets that sinking feeling
The Stirrer, 3-Sep-2007

More Moorpool
The Stirrer, 14-May-2007

Moorpool campaigners gather strength
The Stirrer, 12-May-2007

Moorpool allotments to go as 30 houses planned
The Stirrer, 11-May-2007

In order to present a balanced and unbiased view, we also offer links to press cuttings on Grainger's exploits elsewhere in the country:

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog

You can't sack me, I'm with Gaia
The Register, 4-Nov-2009

Employee with climate change belief protected against workplace discrimination
Shoosmiths, 4-Nov-2009

Green beliefs win legal protection
Independent, 4-Nov-2009

Spectre of 'greenism' in the UK workplace is a backward step for climate change
Telegraph, 4-Nov-2009

It's official: faith in science is a belief
New Statesman, 4-Nov-2009

"Greenism" wins legal protection
MRW, 4-Nov-2009

Belief in man-made climate change as important as religious faith?
Telegraph, 3-Nov-2009

Climate change belief given same legal status as religion
Telegraph, 3-Nov-2009

Judge rules activist's beliefs on climate change akin to religion
Guardian, 3-Nov-2009

Ex-employee can sue for unfair dismissal over climate change beliefs
Personnel Today, 3-Nov-2009

Green crusader wins tribunal battle
Press Association, 3-Nov-2009

Global warming tribunal may stoke debate that climate change is based on belief, not science
Guardian, 3-Nov-2009

Official: UK law now says ManBearPig-worship is a religion to rank alongside Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc
Telegraph, 3-Nov-2009

Eco-employee wins bid to appeal
BBC News, 3-Nov-2009

Appeal on climate change 'belief'
BBC News, 7-Oct-2009

Fury over shock rent rise

I C Birmingham, 4-March-2002

Joy as villagers get new landlord
BBC News, 6-April-2004

Tenants united over evictions
The Star, 23-April-2005

Fears for affordable housing as Octavia Hill homes are sold
London SE1 Community Website, 20-Dec-2006

Rent Increase Crisis
Octavia Hill Residents Association

Fears over Odd Down homes sell-off
This Is Bath, 12-Mar-2009

Save Ward's Corner
Haringay Federation of Residents Associations

Boris Johnson slams Grainger scheme in north London
Building, 22-July-2008

Environmentalist to fight sacking at tribunal
Oxford Mail, 21-Mar-2009

Shirebrook road protest
Retford Today, 25-Mar-2009

North Cross Road
Streets of London, 9-Oct-2006

Who Owns Brentham?
Brentham News, September 2008.
Apparently, it's not just in Moorpool that Grainger want to milk acquisitions for every penny.